Achieving Peak Conditioning

    Shedding total body fat is the goal of every bodybuilding competitor. The trick is to get the body to less than 2% bodyfat, while at the same time maintaining  your hard earned muscle size. The problem with many bodybuilders is that they do not take enough time to prepare for a bodybuilding competition. […]

How Skeletal Muscles Work

  In order to make our skeletal muscles work, we send messages from the brain via nerve impulses through our central nervous system to particular muscle fibres commanding them to contract (shorten by contracting). The nerve endings fire bursts of energy into the fibres. As a result, they contract and pull on our tendons, which […]

What is Body Fat?

  Body fat is commonly known as “adipose tissue.” Fat cells are a major storage site for fat in the form of triglycerides. It is the part of our body mass that is not bone, muscle, organ or water (fat cells do contain water, but in small amounts relative to muscles and organs). Fat found […]

Men’s Muscles vs. Women’s Muscles

There is no difference between men’s muscles and women’s muscles. Both consist of the same types of fibres and structures. Both function in the same way … and when stripped of our skin and fat, the underlying muscles look the same and are located in the same places. What is different, however, is the relative […]

Understanding Muscle

  I’m always surprised at the misunderstandings the general public and fitness/nutrition professionals have about the roles of lean muscle, fat, and skin (thick skin) in our bodies. Especially disturbing is that most fitness and nutrition professionals who should know the differences among the three as they relate to the effects of exercise and diet, […]