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John Robert Cardillo is one of Canada’s top bodybuilding champions, an entrepreneur, author and creator of  SHREDDED Diet and the HIT3 Workout System.  As a young bodybuilder, Cardillo trained in California alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger at  Golds Gym. Cardillo became a Canadian champion who went on to win many bodybuilding competitions in North America. At 19, Cardillo became the youngest bodybuilder in history to win the Sr. Ontario Bodybuilding Championships. After seeing Cardillo at a bodybuilding competition, Musclemag International plublisher Bob Kennedy coined the phrase “shredded” after him. This was due to Cardillo’s extreme muscular conditioning, which was ahead of its time.

Cardillo was a student of Arthur Jones, the inventor of Nautilus and MedX Fitness machines. Under Jones’ tutelage, Cardillo learned the methods of Hi-intensity training, which he used to build an extraordinary physique in a relatively short period of time. Always in search of the best scientific methods of training to improve his physique, Cardillo was the first bodybuilder to use faradic electro stimulation in his training, to which he attributed his hard rock physique conditioning. His Hi-Intensity training methods are the basis of his HIT3 Workout System, which he now teaches through seminars to trainers and clients of his TRANSFORMATION MASTERY program.


At 19 years of age, Cardillo opened his first gym and then went on to create an empire of gyms throughout Ontario. His fitness club expansion methodology was to buy real estate and redevelop it to house his gyms, and also build other rental space usable by complementary fitness tenants such as medical clinics, spas, hair salons and nutrition stores. Over a 30 year career Cardillo opened more than 50 fitness clubs, ranging from 15,000 sq. ft. to 75,000 sq. ft. In all, he built over 1.5 million square feet of building space.

Cardillo was a turnaround specialist who acquired more than 25 bankrupt fitness clubs during his career. He would acquire fitness facilities that had failed, renovate them, install his management and fitness systems to turn them into successful fitness clubs. To design new clubs, Cardillo hired the international design firm of Yabu Pushelberg. They created modern state of the art premier workout facilities that set a new standard in the look and comfort of gyms. Cardillo’s fitness clubs were copied throughout North America. Cardillo built one of the largest women’s only fitness and day spa club chains in Canada. An average of 200,000 members per year used Cardillo’s gyms. Over his 30-year career, he had over 3 million members. Cardillo was also responsible for developing the IPF diagnostic fitness assessment protocol, which became standard for many clubs in the fitness industry.


Cardillo had a keen interest in developing new exercise equipment for his gyms. He designed and developed many unique exercise machines, such as the Bent Bar Smith Machine with adjustable Safety Bench, 500-pound Cable Row machine, 500-pound Lat Pulldown machine, and dumbbells from 200 to 300 pounds. Cardillo’s fitness business was awarded the distinction of being one of Canada’s 50 best Managed Companies, an annual event sponsored by The National Post Newspaper.

Fitness Expert

Cardillo‘s muscular and shredded physique was unique in the competitive world of bodybuilding. It was achieved by his scientific methods of Hi-Intensity training and his revolutionary nutritional program. Cardillo formalized his Hi-Intensity training system into the HIT3 Workout System and his nutrition program into, “The Cardillo SHREDDED DIET”. He now uses these proprietary systems in his TRANSFORMATION MASTERY program.

Cardillo taught his TRANSFORMATION MASTERY program to more than 8,000 personal trainers that worked for his fitness clubs over the years. TRANSFORMATION MASTERY is a total approach to fat-loss, lean muscle gains, cardiovascular fitness, healthy lifestyle and anti-aging. John Cardillo has put his decades of firsthand experience in the health and fitness world into his labour of love – to help people transform their lives into their maximum potential, of health, fitness, energy, happiness and longevity.