Eggs: The Premier Protein Food

Eggs – should you eat a lot of them? Are they actually good for you? Are there benefits to eating eggs with yolks, or egg whites only? Some fitness/nutrition experts and doctors have said that eating egg yolks increases cholesterol levels, so why not only eat egg whites? Or, if you’re worried about cholesterol, maybe egg whites are your best bet. Let’s take a deeper look […]

Muscle vs Fat Gain

When you start working out at a gym, you’ll notice that you may actually gain weight first, and then gradually start shedding pounds. Odds are, you are adding some much-needed lean muscle to your frame or you may be retaining some water due to inflammation. Don’t let it scare you if the scale shows a […]

The Way to Stave Off Hunger for Fatloss

When it comes to gaining weight or losing weight, the main factor is controlling our appetite. It’s our relationship that we form with food that will dictate which direction we will go. According to the Institute of Psychology, (known as the worlds premier school of nutritional psychology) , “the relationship with food is as deep […]

Cardillo Gluteal Reshaping – The GLHAM Program

Facebook Twitter Instagram Women’s Desire Every female wants a posterior backside with shapely gluteals that allows them to wear jeans or a bikini, making them feel fit and sexy. The shape of females gluteals change with age, as does the rest of the body. In particular, as women get older, their buttocks lose their perkiness becoming flatter, fatter and […]


Overview  In my 30 plus years of being involved in fitness as a competitive bodybuilder, teacher of over 5000 personal trainers, trainer of athletes and owning fitness clubs and gyms, I have experimented with many workout methods to determine the most effective way to increase muscular strength and hypertrophy (muscle growth). Without a doubt Hi-intensity […]

Hi-Intensity Cardio (HIT3) for Better Results!

  Introduction   Do you ever wonder why sprinters have more muscle than marathoners? Why does doing quick bursts like sprinting on a bike lead to fat loss versus just walking outside for a long period of time? Here’s why high intensity cardio as performed in my HIT3 method is much more efficient and result […]

The Top 5 Habits for Staying Fit

 Success starts with making a plan and then taking action. Remember the famous quote, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. With fitness and health it comes down to being a master of your domain and building a strong foundation with healthy habits. Make a solid plan and stick to it as best […]

Understanding Insulin In Our Bodies

Overview Insulin is made in the beta cells of the pancreas. Its role is to maintain a state of glucose homeostasis in the bloodstream. Insulin responds to hyperglycaemia and is responsible for bring blood glucose levels down. It also promotes the uptake of excess glucose from the blood stream to the liver, muscle cells and […]

CARDILLO FAT-LOSS DIET: Glucagon is Our Fatloss Friend.

    The role of glucagon is to keep the homeostasis condition of metabolism. Its role is to maintain normal levels of glucose in our blood. It is produced by the Alpha cells in the pancreas and released into the bloodstream when there is low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia), when we are in our 22 hour […]

Achieving Peak Conditioning

    Shedding total body fat is the goal of every bodybuilding competitor. The trick is to get the body to less than 2% bodyfat, while at the same time maintaining  your hard earned muscle size. The problem with many bodybuilders is that they do not take enough time to prepare for a bodybuilding competition. […]