*Reprinted from Hardcore Body Building* Electrical stimulation machines have been around for over 20 years. You may have even used one in your high school science class to get a reflex in a dead frog’s leg.   Electrical stimulation is a proven aid to strengthening, rehabilitating and actually building muscles. In fact Dr. Charles Godfrey, […]

Excerpt from “Bulls Eye” – Featuring John Cardillo

The following interview is taken from the book BULL’S EYE by Robert Kennedy   John Cardillo John Cardillo is a prime example of a self-made man. Not only did he build himself a prize-winning physique, competing internationally in bodybuilding contests with great success, he also forged a chain of 50 fitness clubs, with an annual gross revenue […]

Exclusive Interview with John Cardillo

I have known John Cardillo since seeing him win the Jr. Mr. Canada Competition as a teenager and Mr. Ontario on 3 occasions. I featured articles on John’s unique Hi-Intensity training philosophy in my magazine Musclemag International. After winning the overall Ontario bodybuilding championships 3 times and the Eastern United States Open John retired from […]