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Shedding total body fat is the goal of every bodybuilding competitor. The trick is to get the body to less than 2% bodyfat, while at the same time maintaining  your hard earned muscle size.
The problem with many bodybuilders is that they do not take enough time to prepare for a bodybuilding competition. Thinking that just losing bodyfat and weight is going to give them the chiseled hard luck. Drastic dieting to lose bodyfat over a short period of time causes muscle loss, impacting workout strength and intensity.

When I was entering bodybuilding competitions, I would start my preparation 24 weeks ahead of the big day. I broke up my prep into 3 -8 week phases.


Phase 1.

During the first 8 week phase,  I concentrated on reducing my body fat down to 7%.  I would follow my Hi-intensity (HIT3) training program 4 days per week and Hi-Intensity cardio 2 days per week. I would also reduce my total calorie intake.


Phase 2.

During the second 8 week prep phase, I would stop the cardio workouts and increase the intensity of my weight workouts  to gain muscle size while reducing my bodyfat to Uber 5 %.  I also increased my carbohydrate intake on non workout days (in order to have the energy required for my HIT3 workouts) keeping fats down to a minimum.


Phase 3.

During the final 8 week phase, I would train with the highest intensity possible, using heavy weights. Taking every set to total failure in order to achieve maximum muscle contractions.  So that I did not overtrain I reduced  the total number of sets per body part. To get my body as sharp as possible I also added outdoor running 3 days per week. The running made my whole body look harder and chiseled!

During this phase I increased carbohydrates while reducing my protein and fats. Keeping careful control of my total calorie intake. I would also fast one day per week. Which allowed me to get super lean and the shredded look.
The three phases of competition prep I followed allowed me to get rock hard, with deep striated cuts. Never having to worry about holding water or mistiming my peak condition.
My 3 phase competition prep is covered in detail in my SHREDDED NUTRITION DIET.

John Robert Cardillo Is a Canadian Bodybuilding Champion, Workout expert and Fitness Entrepreneur. Cardillo is regarded as a pioneer of Hi-Intensity training and developed the HIT3 workout system, and the proprietary SHREDDED NUTRITION diet program.

Cardillo is the founder of TRANSFORMATION MASTERY, an educational system that incorporates HIT3 workout system and SHREDDED NUTRITION diet.

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John Robert Cardillo

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