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Hi-Intensity Cardio (HIT3) for Better Results!



Do you ever wonder why sprinters have more muscle than marathoners? Why does doing quick bursts like sprinting on a bike lead to fat loss versus just walking outside for a long period of time? Here’s why high intensity cardio as performed in my HIT3 method is much more efficient and result producing than traditional cardio practices that is typically found in most gyms in Hamilton.





In the fitness world, hi-intensity workouts as I advocate in my HIT3 program continues to get more and more popular as more people are discovering how result producing this type of training really is. Anyone doing short burst of exercise with a little rest are seeing results!


The gains are in only physical – they are also psychological. HIT3 cardio workouts will have you feeling great and spending less time at the gym then doing long and continuous workouts. Let’s take a look closer look at why HIT3 cardio is premier compared to continuous aerobic training (like steady state cycling, running, or swimming for 30+ minutes at a gym or outdoors).



HIT3 Cardio vs. Traditional Cardio Methods


HIT3 cardio involves alternating between 3 quick bursts of exercise, from mild level, to medium level, to high intensity level. Staying at each intensity level for one minute and then repeating the 3 minute sequence 5 times, for a 15 minute cardio workout. It’s quick, efficient at burning fat due to achieving various heart rate levels. This method is premier for boosting your metabolism.


Traditional cardio on the other hand, has faded off in the fitness industry due to it not being a premier way to torch the fat off your body – and most of all, it’s time consuming! And requires more time at the gym than needed.These methods include doing low, steady state exercises like slow paced long distance running, cycling, swimming, or walking.



Sprinter’s Body vs. Marathon Runner’s Body


A great way to understand HIT3 cardio versus traditional cardio effectiveness on our bodies is to look at the bodies of sprinters and marathoners. It doesn’t take long to notice that the sprinters body is more aesthetically pleasing, has more defined muscles and shape, and is quick and strong. Most marathoners have thin bodies with very little shape and muscle, and they are built for long and slow endurance exercises.


Aside from the physical differences of a sprinter and marathoner, they also differ and how their bodies function internally. A sprinter uses more fast-twitch muscle fibers, whereas the marathoner uses more slow-twitch muscle fibers. On top of that, the sprinter and a short distance runner will tap more into their phosphagens and adipose storage. glycogen systems (great for burning fat).



Top Benefits of HIT3 Cardio


1.    More Result Producing: HIT3 Workouts are about results! Get ready to burn a lot of fat and define your muscles with HIT3 cardio. You’ll melt off more fat and strengthen your muscles compared to long duration cardio sessions. You’ll also burn a lot of calories in a short period of time.


2.    Less Time Consuming: HIT3 cardio sessions are completed in 15 minutes. The goal is to keep increasing the intensity at each of the 3 one minute levels of the workout. And never increasing the 15 minute workout duration. Long duration cardio is typically 30 to 45 minutes in length, 3 to 4 times per week. This mean’s you will spend less time at the gym and have more free time for yourself.


3.    Less Workouts Per Week: I advise my clients to do HIT3 cardio workouts 2 times each week. More sessions are not necessary to achieve great results. In fact more sessions could lead to overtraining. HIT3 cardio workouts should be a part of a complete workout program that also includes 2 to 3 high intensity weight workouts per week, to attain maximum benefits. I also advise my clients to find a gym with a good selection of weights and machines.


4.    Improved Heart Health: With HIT3 cardio workouts, you will be able to push hard for short periods while reaching close to your maximum heart rate. Then you will lessen the intensity, before increasing the intensity, in a three-step intensity interval process. It’s intense yet rewarding, as this helps keep a healthy strong heart due to varying heart rates and increased blood flow from HIT3 cardio workouts. The heart is a muscle, unlike other muscles, it’s important to challenge it.


5.    Much More Fun! Doing steady state cardio at the gym or anywhere for a long period of time can be flat out boring. HIT3 cardio is challenging because the protocol is to track the performance of each workout. The goal is to increase the intensity every workout, which continues to be more challenging and more fun. Each HIT3 workout session will always leave you feeling energized.





In my experience, I have found that after a person tries a HIT3 cardio workout session, they are hooked! And they never go back to the normal longer duration cardio. The benefits are far better than what can be achieved with slow cardio. Besides, who wouldn’t want to improve their physical appearance while strengthening their mind, heart and brain? Best of all, it doesn’t take a lot of time. If you are already doing cardio workouts in a high intensity style, good for you! If not, what are you waiting for?


John Robert Cardillo Is a Canadian Bodybuilding Champion, Workout expert and Fitness Entrepreneur. Cardillo is regarded as a pioneer of Hi-Intensity training and developed the HIT3 workout system, and the proprietary SHREDDED NUTRITION diet program.

Cardillo is the founder of TRANSFORMATION MASTERY, an educational system that incorporates HIT3 workout system and SHREDDED NUTRITION diet.

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