The “Miracle” on York Boulevard

Hamilton Downtown Mosque board director Wahed Al Jabry, left, and Imam Sayed Tora stood in front of the new building in 2014. They were discussing where in the mosque they’ll erect a mirhab, a structure that points Muslim faithful in the direction of Mecca while they perform prayers. Life has its ups and downs. Nobody […]

Eggs: The Premier Protein Food

Eggs – should you eat a lot of them? Are they actually good for you? Are there benefits to eating eggs with yolks, or egg whites only? Some fitness/nutrition experts and doctors have said that eating egg yolks increases cholesterol levels, so why not only eat egg whites? Or, if you’re worried about cholesterol, maybe egg whites are your best bet. Let’s take a deeper look […]

The Top 5 Habits for Staying Fit

 Success starts with making a plan and then taking action. Remember the famous quote, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. With fitness and health it comes down to being a master of your domain and building a strong foundation with healthy habits. Make a solid plan and stick to it as best […]

Achieving 2 Percent Body Fat

Shedding total body fat is the goal of every bodybuilder getting ready for a competition. The challenge is maintaining muscle size while at the same time stripping the body of all its body     fat, without sacrificing hard earned muscle size. After years of following bodybuilding, I found that the most common belief is that […]

Understanding Insulin In Our Bodies

Overview Insulin is made in the beta cells of the pancreas. Its role is to maintain a state of glucose homeostasis in the bloodstream. Insulin responds to hyperglycaemia and is responsible for bring blood glucose levels down. It also promotes the uptake of excess glucose from the blood stream to the liver, muscle cells and […]

CARDILLO FAT-LOSS DIET: Glucagon is Our Fatloss Friend.

    The role of glucagon is to keep the homeostasis condition of metabolism. Its role is to maintain normal levels of glucose in our blood. It is produced by the Alpha cells in the pancreas and released into the bloodstream when there is low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia), when we are in our 22 hour […]

How Fat is Stored in Our Bodies

The process of how body fat is stored is a subject that most nutrition, diet experts, the health and fitness industry do not totally understand. Many theories and outright nonsensical claims are put forward regarding what causes us to gain body fat and the quick fix (for a price) to lose this fat. The common […]