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Men’s Muscles vs. Women’s Muscles

There is no difference between men’s muscles and women’s muscles. Both consist of the same types of fibres and structures. Both function in the same way … and when stripped of our skin and fat, the underlying muscles look the same and are located in the same places. What is different, however, is the relative size and shape of the muscles and the extent to which they respond and adapt to exercise.

Most women can achieve significant improvement in their muscular strength without much gain in their muscular size. Moreover, it is not unusual for women to double their strength levels and achieve only a modest increase in muscle size, such as a quarter inch on the thighs. This, however, should not scare women who are new to weight training. Few women want to gain muscle size on their legs, but since the inherent ability to increase the size of muscle fibres compared to our limitless ability for fat cells to grow, as a woman reduces fat and increases muscle, she becomes more “compact” and actually smaller in body dimensions. A lot of women are surprised that they are more firm and look more athletic (and yet can gain some weight from the increase in muscle size), but fit into smaller clothing.

There are several key reasons why women cannot build large muscles as opposed to men. Most notably, women have very low levels of the muscle-building hormone testosterone, a factor that restricts how much muscular size they will develop. Due to this fact, it is physiologically improbable for 100% of all women to develop large muscles, particularly to the point that it would make them look unfeminine or bulky. A point to note is that females we see in bodybuilding magazines who are extraordinarily muscular (to the point where they look like men) is definitely a result of these females using anabolic steroids to change their hormonal make up and develop manly looking muscles. Properly executed weight training exercise performed in an intense HIT 3 manner, is as effective for women as it is for men. Men tend to want to develop larger muscles than women, and the fact that their bodies naturally have a higher amount of testosterone allows them to build larger muscles. In conclusion, women cannot develop large muscles due to having less testosterone in their bodies; however, it is easier for them to develop a lean, toned, sculpted look, whereas men need greater muscle size due to their bone structure to achieve a trained, sculpted look.

John Robert Cardillo Is a Canadian Bodybuilding Champion, Workout expert and Fitness Entrepreneur. Cardillo is regarded as a pioneer of Hi-Intensity training and developed the HIT3 workout system, and the proprietary SHREDDED NUTRITION diet program.

Cardillo is the founder of TRANSFORMATION MASTERY, an educational system that incorporates HIT3 workout system and SHREDDED NUTRITION diet. He is also a weekly columnist at 

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John Robert Cardillo

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A Canadian champion who went on to win many bodybuilding competitions including the Junior Ontario and Junior Canadian Championships.

John Robert Cardillo

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